Over the last few weeks we have been working with a wide range of clients from building their website to advising how to market their website.

The seems to be a common question from small businesses

“do I need a website “

Your website is not just a page that shows what services you offer but your page is your online shop in on the biggest shopping store ever the internet. The internet currently has 3,412,925,070 (http://www.internetlivestats.com/) all these users are your potential customers so the answer is yes you need to have a website and an online presence.

Now we have established that you need a website what sort of things would we recommend your website to have.

  1. Clarity and ease of use

Your website needs to be clear and easy to read and use. If your website is not clear your users will not be engaged and will leave your site within seconds.

Your information needs to be easily accessible and informative but easy to read. If your information is not available straight away then the user will be lost.

   2. Eye Catching

Your website needs to be eye catching just like your products in a shop and cars in  a showroom. If the website is not catchy the website becomes boring and the user will leave your site.

  3. Mobile Friendly

The majority of users in the modern day access the internet via their tablets and mobile phones. If your website is not mobile friendly you are missing out on mobile traffic as google checks your site for mobile view.

4. Socially linked

Social media has become one of the largest marketing tools online and many users check if your business has a social media profile to ensure you are worth dealing with. Creating a socially linked website allows users to visit your social media profile and it has been noted by google to be a good seo ranking factor.

For more information on website design and creating a good online presence get in touch with us and have a chat.

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