Your website the online shop Part 2 – Facebook

Your website the online shop Part 2 – Facebook

Facebook and Your Business

Now we are on the second part of our blog series - Your Website The Online Shop.

Today we are going to be covering Facebook and how you can increase your reach through the largest social media platform with 1.71 billion users with 300 million users in Europe and 1.51 billion mobile users. 

First lets recap why you need to create an online presence.

  1. Let people know about your business - People want to know about you so why not let them know about your products or services
  2. Increase your sales - Increase your sales by generating leads to your business and earn more money
  3. Growth through the internet - Growth is about expansion and creating opportunities for others by increasing your sales revenue



Now we have had a brief recap lets talk Facebook and how to utilise the top social platform to create a wider reach.

Facebook gives you the option to build a page for your business where you can add products, services, photos, videos and other types of content. This page is the face of your business on Facebook so when you create the content or add your services and products think about the user that will be viewing it. 

  1. Clear Content - Make your content clear and straight to the point, make sure the user knows exactly what you offer.
  2. Easy to read - Make your content easy to read to avoid confusion 
  3. Eye Catching - The most important get the user to view your content, make it eye catching with catchy subjects, images and videos

Facebook advertising for Free 

Now we have covered the content and how the page should look lets look into how to publicise your business page with little cost. 

Facebook offers a wide range of open groups that allow you to offer your services and create links to your Facebook page. These groups are a little gem to get noticed in areas without purchasing Facebook advertising. 

Facebook Paid advertising 

Paid advertising is a cost effective way to widen your reach within local, county and nationwide areas by selecting your area and the amount of money you would like to invest. Recently I set up a Facebook advert as test to prove to a local company that paying £894 for local advertising with little return is a bad investment specially when they are advertising the business alongside competitors. 

So how did I test and prove their are alternate methods to investing in advertising to obtain a higher return. 

  1. I create a Facebook page and populated the page with the relevant content
  2. I uploaded the images I wanted to post out on the advert
  3. I created the advert with a budget of £15 over a 2 day period

After 2 days of the test advert launching we reached over 85,000 users in the local area and revived numerous message and obtain 2 jobs and 3 quotes all from a £15 investment. This investment also created increased traffic to the web page and eventually increased the web page ranking. I always recommend purchasing a few adverts when you launch your page to test your market and click response but it creates the wider reach within you local area. 

User Interaction 

The key to success on a Facebook page is to interact with your viewers and build discussions with them by answering questions and posting relevant content sometimes content that will get them to think about your page and the company. 


For further advice on Facebook pages get in touch 01226 610240 or message us 


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