Your website the online shop !

Your website the online shop !

Today I have been working on those little niggles and trying to educate clients about their websites. This got me to write this blog post to help educate any website owner and business owner with and without an online presence.

Lets start with the modern day way of searching for a business. For many years business have put an advert in the local paper or business directory and hoped to get work. This method was suitable in the dark ages but now we have users searching social media, online directories and the most important of all search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why have an online presence ?

This is the every day question I get asked by the old school business owner.

In the modern day of the search engine each business owner should have a website and be registered on Google and on online business directories. Having a website does not just show your services and pretty pictures but creates a wider reach of potential clients and contacts.

Lets work with an example of a recent client I have been working with. The client paid a local business directory £894 to advertise in their booklet but received very little  for his money. As a test I paid £15 for facebook advertising and linked his recently built website to all top social media platforms.

After an hour of posting offers and creating the correct advertisement the client received two messages requesting quotes for a full bathroom installation.

This is a prime example why a business should have an online presence and be integrated into all top social media platforms.


How to increase your reach for potential sales ?

Increasing online presence is about increasing your reach to create sales conversions. Recently I tested numerous methods but the biggest reach I found was to increase my social interaction by posting on the top social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Following these posts I received a wider reach which converted into sales and numerous website creation projects.

Lets cover what you can do to increase your reach using social media.

  1. Create and post to a Facebook business page
  2. Create and post to a Linkedin business page
  3. Tweet on Twitter
  4. Create and post to a Google+ page


For more information on how to increase your online presence and create a wider reach drop us a call 01226 610240 or message us


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