Your data is the key to the success of your business and loosing those contacts, emails and invoice information you could and will loose money which will then force your business to fail.

It is ok because at Hyper 1 Digital we have a wide range of back up solutions that will stop this from happening and provide you with that peace of mind.

Before you come to us asking to help you backup your data lets talk how you can ensure your data is safe in the meantime,.

  1. Make sure you have a copy of the data stored on a USB drive just in case the system dies before you get in touch.
  2. Ensure your data is protected by an antivirus and behind a firewall.
  3. Do not install any software that comes from a non trusted website / publisher
  4. When working on a file save a copy before you make any changes just in case you can not revert back.

Now you have your tips to follow before you pick up the phone and ask to use our backup platform.

For more information on our backup platform get in touch