The Real IT Support Engineer

The Real IT Support Engineer

Over the years of providing IT support to users in many different industries and sectors we have come to realise IT Support is not just about fixing issues etc. The role of the IT support engineer is to be that person the user can count on to make their lives easier and allow them to be proactive, to be the person on the other end of the phone to be sympathetic to their current situation and be the person the user can vent their frustrations to.

When users have IT related issues this causes them a wide range of feeling from initial anger, frustration and eventually lack of morale towards completing their day to day tasks. The role of an IT support engineer is to be there for the user and to resolve the issue with a positive communication that will put their mind at ease and increase their level of morale to get through the day.

The worst days of the week for issues to arise are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Mondays – The user has had a relaxing weekend and expected to come to work and get their tasks completed without issues and go home in a good mood. When issues happen on a Monday this sets the user as we call it “bad feel week”.

Wednesdays – The user has got the mid-week feel which makes them want to be able to complete their tasks and look forward to a Friday. When issues happen on a Wednesday this creates the “I just want to go home and give up feel”.

Fridays – This day is special to all of us as it is the last day of the working week well for most of us apart from the IT Guru’s at Hyper 1 Digital. Nobody wants issues on a Friday as it is supposed to be the easy sailing day, the day we can start to fully unwind from the busy week we all have experienced. When issues happen on this day it creates pure anger and the “I don’t care its Friday” feeling which eventually becomes the common thought for Friday and productivity decreases.

The responsibility of any IT support company or engineer is to resolve the issues quickly and positively pleasing for the user and to maintain the systems on a regular basis to avoid any silly issue upsetting those lovely users we support.

At Hyper 1 Digital we feel strongly about maintaining the systems on a regular basis to the point we include it with any package we provide and our ethos with dealing with the user is to provide a positive communication stream and be there for them to be that person to vent their frustrations at.


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