The Friday Night Conversation

The Friday Night Conversation

Welcome to the first post of many blog posts called

“The Friday Night Conversation”

To start off I want to paint a picture of the Friday night conversation. I will be writing about ideas to the whacky out of the world ideas.

So let’s get started…

Friday night I went with the wife to a comedy show in Sheffield. We enjoyed the comedians and had a little drink. During the breaks I got talking to a wonderful group of people who were enjoying themselves.

One person stud out a lovely lady which I did not catch her name but the conversation has stuck with me.

The slightly drunk lady asked if I would look at building her website to help push a crazy idea for pet owners, to send their sadly passed away cremated pets into space so the owners could look up and think my little pippin is up there..

I know the logistics would is not possible but the idea I thought was sweet and the whole concept of being able to have this as an option in the future when we are running out of cemeteries and spaces within them is a great idea.

Your thinking wow Chris you have lost it to write this article but come on we sent a Tesla into space..

What are your thoughts on this feel free to email at

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