Many small business owners are the director, financial controller, the cleaner and sometimes that guy that fixes the computers. Our Remote IT support service takes away the need for the small business owner to get involved in the running and maintaing of the computers in the office.

Why Use Hyper 1 Digital Remote IT Support ?

Hyper 1 Digital offers a great remote IT support service that takes away the stresses and provides that little bit of peace of mind. We montor all our client computers and install remote management software to allow us to ensure the systems are perfoming, maintained that allows your business to acheive.

Remote IT support services are proven to save businesses money on hiring staff to complete the taks we at Hyper 1 Digital offer as part of our standard package.

How long does it take to remote onto our systems ?

Remotely we can be on your system within minutes fixing the issues.

What type of Remote Support do we do ?

Hyper 1 Digital believe we are here to help all kind of clients from ad hoc clients to monthly paying clients. We have a wide range of remote IT support packages available starting as little as £10 per computer.

For Remote IT Support pricing please feel free to get in touch