Chris Stretton the Director of Hyper 1 Digital.

I started Hyper 1 Digital named back then as Hyper 1 to provide Web hosting and IT services remote but quickly it organicly became an IT solutions and Web Design company.

The name Hyper 1 came from the first development server I built in my garage so I could learn new open source technologies as I am a tech head at heart ever since I started in the IT industry as a young teen, soon later it became the name of my new business venture.

I built Hyper 1 Digital on three principles

1. Customer service

I noticed that companies I had dealt with were missing a vital point within their customer services and it affected their client relationship at times. Customer service to me has to be built on a personal touch especially in the IT sector. Yes we look after the client sites and ensure they run effiently but the client needs to know we have their back no matter what and the personal touch gives the client the extra support and the feeling of they are appreciated which in Hyper 1 Digital all our clients are appreciated.

2. Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing is a must within the IT and Web Services industries but I noticed that clients were being charged silly for the silliest things and that the client did not feel they were supported or looked after correctly. I built the business to offer great prices but be able to help clients without billing them for the slightest thing. I personally feel if we can help a client and bill for the exact time and materials without putting a huge markup on then I will .

3. Fun in the Workplace

This principle is more of a selfish one but I do like to have fun and a good old laugh while doing work. In some companies I have worked it was too corporate and formal for my liking and the hardest workers were either depressed or stressed that I personally did not like. I found that when you had fun and a good old laugh then you enjoyed the workplace and the passion was still there.


” My aim for the Hyper 1 Digital is to create a brand that people know nationwide, that they can call when they need help without becoming too corporate”