Google Duo Final Review

Google Duo Final Review

Google Duo – The Final Review.

Over the past few days I have been testing with friends and family the new Google Duo app based on my HTC Desire 530.

Day 1 – I installed the application and invited my friends and family to join so I could test the nice little google app.

Day 2 – I have tested the app with a frind and the interface is smooth, easy to use and friendly on the eyes.

Day 3 – I have tested the app but this time with an IT Support client. The client found it very helpful as I could show them which key on the keyboard to press and which cables to look at.

Day 4 – After finally testing on a personal and professional level my conclusion to the Google App is that its interface is easy to use, the video quality is high standard and the signup is seamless.


Highly recommend this nifty little application for cross platform video calls.


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