Go Social and be first not last !

Go Social and be first not last !

Your website is the key to the success to your business and online rankings ?


The key to the success of your business online and the online rankings are determined on how interactive and credible you are with the followers. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube are the places you need to aim as they are all ranked by Google Search. This helps you get known and also increase your ranking on Google.  social presence

So why do we need to be social ? Because you want to be first not last in your industry, the company people go to but to achieve this you need to interact with your audience and improve reach socially.

Why do we need YouTube ? YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world which is also owned by Google. If your not on YouTube you should be. Your videos create a face and presence for your business,.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ – These social platforms are the ability to interact with the audience on a personal level by leaving replies, messages which create back links to your website (IF YOU POST CORRECTLY)..

If you want to be first not last, YOU need to get socially inclined by post on a regular basis and getting that face of the company on YouTube.

Content is the key to attract an online audience. You know your company so you know the content. Get out of the shadow’s of obscurity and go into the light of social presence.

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