Before I start I would like to say a huge happy Friday everyone..

This is the first blog post of the Friday Night Conversation and I am Chris Stretton the Director of Hyper 1 Digital, a farther, husband and Tech Head. I hope you will follow me on this journey as I produce more content for you the entreprenuer, small business owner, the person that wants to turn your hobby into a paying business.

In this blost I will be talking about taking the jump into business and how to overcome obsecurity.

Decide and Action

When we decide we want to create a business some of us know what we want to do and some of us know we want to have our own business but not sure what type of business. Both decisions are a huge decision to make but you will know when you are ready and you will just wake up and say “I am going to do this”.

When I started Hyper 1 Digital I knew I wanted to offer services to small businesses nationwide but I did not know exactly what as I wanted to break out the daily routine of advising to turn a computer off and on again as my wife says.

Eventually I decided that I wanted to offer more digital / remote services so I can work anywhere in the world.

The problem was when I started was nobody knew Hyper 1 Digital so how could they trust a name they never heard of and that the business was so new it did not even show up online. I was obscure to the world and I only had my Barnsley charm to work with and my prior contacts to drop a call to.


So I decided to buy a domain name , build a website and get on the top 3 social media websites and start to push my business, I even went to companies randomly and handed out business cards. Eventually the name became known and I got clients in YAY the business was now making money. I started to realise the best move I did was build the website and push it on social media.

Social Media

We live in the era of social media a set of platforms designed by great, innovative minds and guess what they are FREE to use. For busineses this is an awesome tool as it allows you to connect with your audience and the potential clients. You need to utilise these FREE amazing tools to connect with other businesses and create brand awareness. Become that brand, person, company that people think of when they require you service.

  1. Create a seperate account / page for your business
  2. Connect with business local to you
  3. Join networking groups and connect with our great minds
  4. Join in on conversations offer free advice

The above tips are great for business to interact with potential clients and create brand awareness. We can even interact on social media from your phone.

Break away from obsecurity and push your business on social media the FREE tools great minds have given us.

That is it for today and I hope you enjoyed this post and please follow me for more posts.

Remember – To Acheive you must break out of obsecurity