Good evening evryone and I hope you are enjoying the warm weather on this Friday.

Today I will be writing about how I streamlined the backend tasks that affect day to day business.

The Begining

In the begining of Hyper 1 Digital we were taking on projects and just running with the flow of it. Most of the time we were over delivering on what we were asked, which was great for the clients but it also put pressure on us in the long run as the client expected this in the future.

This created a huge problem as Hyper 1 Digital were struggling to meet the client expectations set and also deliver on new projects.

The Change Of Backend Tasks

As I wrote in the previous blog the hard work for little money was creating stress and major burn out. When I had time I sat down, took a step back and assessed how the business was performing and what I could change to streamline the running of the projects and support.

This task was a big eye opener as time was being wasted creating demos for clients that were not signing proposals or chasing clients for payment, even the initial setup of a dev site for new clients was taking time.

So I sat back and came up with the solutions below to address the time consuming taks in the backend.

  1. Demos were fazed out to become wireframes and graphical images with a flow chart if required.
  2. Late payments were sent to recoveries companies and clients were setup on direct debits
  3. A brand new helpdesk was installed with notifications to manage website changes and website support.
  4. Website templates and WordPress install templates were created to streamline the initial setup ready for development.

The Change on Project management

Now the backend tasks were modified and it was running smoothly I changed how projects were managed, from the initial quoting process to how we liased with clients through a new project management system. This allowed projects to have time assigned so we can track the time we spend and the costings for adhoc/ hourly rate clients.

The Benefits of Change

Hyper 1 Digital always embraces change especially when it benefts clients. The new helpdesk allowed clients to log a ticket anytime of the day, the system allocated the correct SLA for changes, then the client can monitor and update the ticket with additional information.

The project management system allows us to monitor the time assigned to a client with limited budgets / projects bought in hours, so we can ensure the project is managed corretly and within budget.