Good day everyone and happy Friday.

Today I will be talking about imposter syndrome and how we overcome it.

When I started Hyper 1 Digital I suffered from imposter syndrome and tried copying a business that had been around 10 years longer than mine.

I copied how they worked, how they presented themselves online and even tried offering services the way they did.

This was the problem I found

While I was building the business I realised it was not my vision and I was not happy with the creation, I felt like I had created Frankenstein’s monster and I was in a horror movie.

How I destroyed the monster

One day I was looking at the website and how I was perceived, I felt depressed and sick so I went to work, and started writing what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to achieve it.

The monster was dying and fast

While I was writing new content and rebuilding the business with my own vision, the vision that showed high quality services with the personal touch alongside the Barnsley charm, I decided to use my own personality.

I realised my vision was killing the monster, that monster that played on my mind for a long time.

How did I kill my monster?

When I realised creating my own vision was easy I got to work. Below are the 5 points I used to create the H1D awesomeness.

1. Create a vision statement

2. Set goals for myself and the business.

3. Write content on a notebook

4. Start blogging to build up my confidence in content creation

5. Realise I am me, I have a great vision and a great sense of where I want to be in 5 years.

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