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Cyber Security and Your Business

Cyber Security used to be seen has a topic for local goverments and major banks but the need for businesses to be secure cyber aware has increased over the past 5 years. Hackers are becoming more advanced daily exploiting known bugs and week companies.

A few facts

  1. Malicious emails increased by 600% since Covid 19

  2. Ransomware remains the top malware threat

  3. The average downtime a company experiences after a ransomware attack is 21 days.

  4. 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error

What can you do as a business ?


Ensuring your staff are educated on a regular basis against the common threats to business and how to avoid known threats on a daily basis is key to a successful cyber aware company. 

Email Secuirty

Nobody likes recieving spam into their mailbox especially phishing emails and emails with mailious attachments. Securing your email ensures your business is secure inbound and outbound but also adds that extra piece of mind. Securing your email has two parts the technical control and the education of staff.

Technical controls utilise filtering and scanning services to ensure that emails do not contain mailicous content along with blockin the unwanted spam emails.

Educating staff what to do with spam and malious emails is also key to ensure the security of systems.

Our advise to companies is simple 

” If you are not expecting the email or are unsure contact your IT department

Anti Virus

An active anti virus that regularlary updates is key to ensuring your infrastrucutre stays secure. Updating your anti virus daily will ensure it has the latest threat signatures and it knows how to block it.


There are many types of firewalls available and they are are designed for all budgets. Using a firewall on your network will reduce the risk of hackers breaking into your network from external sources.

There are many firewall options available all aimed at different budgets, some have ability to block unwanted traffic and some have the ability to compare the traffic and sessions which is more secure.

System Updates

keeping your system updated on a regular basis is vital to ensuring your business is secure. Systems updates can be controlled through remote management tools or automated through the operating system.

Updates are released to ensure known bugs are fixed and known secuirty flaws are closed to ensure your system is running securely but also running at its best capability.