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Great day with a test post

test post. testing the posting system

In House SEO

Our in house SEO team has been working hard on our own website this week and we are now on the 1st page of google for “Remote IT Support Barnsley” ,”Remote IT Support Doncaster” and “Remote IT Support Leeds”

Hyper 1 Digital – Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop is now live !

Hyper 1 Digital has been working hard on building our hosted desktop infrastructure to offer a complete business conituity solution for SME’s around the UK.

Our infrastructure is based on industry leading HP hardware and Microsoft’s leading Hyper-v hypervisor, fully replicated between multiple data centres around the UK.

We decided to build our infrastructure to allow scale ability, availability and best of cap costs to offer a competitive rate to our clients.

So why choose Hyper 1 Digital as your hosted desktop provider ?

  1. 24 /7 Support
  2. 24 /7 monitored Servers
  3. Daily Backups
  4. Hourly file backups
  5. UK ISO 27001 Data Centres
  6. Industry leading hardware
  7. Capped Costs per user per month


For more information on our hosted desktop solution call us on 01226 610240 or message us


Turns to Autotask Endpoint Management

Over the past few years we have used a wide range of products to support our clients but auto task’s endpoint management has always been the top contender. After recently looking how we work and provide services to our IT clients we decided to improve what we had by turning to auto task’s endpoint management .

How will this improve service ?

Utilising the endpoint  management system we will be able to monitor every computer on the network and see the potential issues before the client receives them. When your computer is running low on disk space or has outdated antivirus or windows updates this will alert our technical support team to proactively remote on in the background and fix those little issues before it becomes a major problem for the user. Utilising the software and introducing the background maintenance tasks reduces the need for call outs to our clients which will save the client and increase productivity.

We are very excited to be using autotask and their endpoint managemenet.

For more information please get in touch 01226 610240 or 

Loadbox Onsite

Over the past year Hyper 1 Digital has launched our own online storage system using open source software based on industry leading infrastructure to allow users to store their files online and sync between their computers and mobile applications.

Now a year later from the initial design stage we have launched loadbox onsite, a high speed flash storage system that syncs / backs up the data on block level to our servers in UK datacentres. The benefit of loadbox onsite is the speed the drives deliver content and the extra features the box can deliver.

For more information on our loadbox onsite systems get in touch