I remember getting my first mobile phone, I remember it having a single line LCD display and a very long antenna that you pulled out to make a call. This phone had no way of being a useful tool to me but now my phone is the most powerful tool I have.

In the modern day of technology the smart phone is the only tool you will have with you most of your day and night. This tool is powerful the ultimate weapon in your social arsenal. This tool has many many apps I call them business bullets, that you fire to get hits.

So why is the smart phone the ultimate weapon in business ?

Well I am glad you asked because I have many answers for you. Lets start with how we use our phones in the modern day. We take photos, we tweet and Facebook statuses, we even do live streaming to show our friends the wonderful night we are having normally drunk but we still do it.

Recently I attended a business networking event and my business cards did not turn up in time. Many people were handing out their cards to me and asking where were my business cards. To my response I said I was running an experiment not to use business cards for one whole networking event.

I did not tell them it wasn’t intentional but I soon learnt that emailing that potential client and adding them straight on my social media they got more than a bit of card with my logo they got my attention, the interaction all clients want with their new provider.

Instantly after adding them on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter their phones started to alert them that Hyper 1 Digital had liked their pages, their tweets and added them as friends.

This made me realise that the ultimate tool is my smart phone because if your phone is not smart you are working like a dummy on a dummy phone (applause).

Lets take twitter for example, most of us have over 100 followers on there (if you dont get some). You take out your phone take a photo of something important to your day and within seconds you tweet it to over 100 potential clients. You have also proven that you and your business are there to interact and show the main key to my success is personality and the personal touch.

I would like to challenge you all to take out your phones while reading this article and tweet a status or photo to @hyper110 and see how long it takes. BTW did I mention when you tweet to a person or group their followers will also get a glimpse of your awesome tweet.

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