Recently speaking with clients about their online presence and online strategies I decided to write “7 Things About Web Your Boss Wants To Know”

I hope you enjoy and hopefully take some tips to pass onto your boss..

1. Where do you rank ?

Many companies invest heavily in building up a great web ranking, however this takes time, money and effort to build up. To gain an understanding of your ranking there are many tools you can use personally I like Google’s webmaster tools and WooRank.

2. How can we rank higher ?

To get an higher ranking on the likes of google you need to start by ensuring your website is search engine friendly and your website is submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

After your have submitted your website the search engine will crawl your site. Now we have got this then we can work on building up the ranking. When I was personally working on my own website I noticed Social Media is a vital key to the ranking and the old chestnut “back links”. To gain back links I partnered with companies to link back to me and submitted my website to business directories.

3. How can we build up our community online ?

This section is the most tricky I personally think as it involves social interaction to push your business online. When I started Hyper 1 Digital I built my community by answering questions with groups on LinkedIn and being part of Facebook groups that help people in business and within my area of expertise.

This built up my brand and built a small community online that now refer to me if they need help with their IT or Web Services. After the handwork of building up the company name and my personal brand I now have a community I can generate sales / leads.

4. How do we capture emails for our email campaign ?

When I decided to build up an email list of potential clients I built a popup on my website so the visitor will get asked to enter their email to join the newsletter. I also created a contact form that captured the emails straight into Mail Chimp.

Capturing emails is a great way to build up your strategy and generate sales / leads.

5. How can we build our business online ?

Every business has different goals from selling online or generating visitors to your shop.

  1. Submit your business to Google and local directories with your opening times, contact details and location.
  2. Interact with your potential client base by utilising the free gifts provided to us. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  3. Build your website and submit the site to all major search engines
  4. Utilise paid advertising aiming to your geographical location and niche market.

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